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From humble beginnings Melinda is predominately self-taught, selling jewellery professionally online since 2003, featured in various UK press including Grazia, Glamour etc and sends her work globally.

With a hands-on approach Melinda not only making every piece by hand, but also controls every element of the business including designing websites, photography, etc.

She explains: “Creation expresses my journey through life; a collection of experiences, emotions and explorations.

Individually crafting indulgent affordable luxuries with integrity, as if for a personal friend, I love sharing my passion and energy in everything I do.

Customers appreciate my refreshing personal approach from your initial contact in placing an order to opening a beautifully presented gift box that's ready to give.  So all you have to do is

                               enjoy giving!"



Childhood memories growing up around Sydney, Australia's beautiful sunny shores, frequent travels and a love of the arts and architecture, Melinda’s creations reflect the vibrancy of many countries and cultures.

Yet a simple walk in nature encourages freedom of the mind to constantly evolve with design.

Customer feedback is a great motivator to constantly improve techniques and service. Her self appraising attitude drives her to design daily: "You're only as good as your last design!" her moto holds never more true.


Lured by Britain's Fashion culture Melinda now resides in South Wales, United Kingdom with her husband, two daughters and a very smiley dalmatian.  As a self-confessed over-dresser and shopaholic, Melinda has always enjoyed playing with fashion and has a quirky sense of style reflecting her vibrant personality.

After attending a private jewellery viewing she was shocked at the quality of workmanship, basic designs and cheap materials  which sparked a curiosity to do it better herself, and so she did.  Journeying directly to India and China in search of suppliers without any contacts to begin with was a brave adventure, sitting with workers in Jaipur to perfect wiring skills her path in learning is usually by trial and error.

From a working stock background of painters, seemstresses, cake decorators and hat makers, it was only natural to take a creative path.  Melinda studied Textile, Design and Art for 6 years at school in Sydney and has, along the way, taught herself the skills required in metalsmithing, an ancient tradition using very basic handheld tools.  Backed by short courses at London’s Central St Martins College and has been known to barter her photography skills to work with local artisan friends.

After 5 years self taught in the art of Precious Metal Clay, Melinda attended her first class on silver clay with world renowned teacher Julia Rai.