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A Purveyor of affordable luxuries since 2003, Melinda lovingly crafts truly inspirational precious jewellery from her studio shop in Cowbridge, South Wales.

Every pieces is handmade and requires appropriate treatment to ensure longevity.  Materials are precious and delicate therefore prone to wear and tear.

Fine Silver is much softer than Sterling Silver so is prone to dent and scratch and may also dull over time.  It can be cleaned with a silver cloth or tumbled in the studio to bring the shine back.

Daily wear and chemicals will reduce life expectancy.
Keep absolutely dry
Avoid direct sunlight
Take off jewellery when sleeping, cleaning, gardening, swimming, exercising and any other physical activity.
Always put jewellery on after getting ready to avoid chemicals in beauty products such as antiperspirants, perfumes, moisturisers etc all of which accelerates tarnishing.
Avoid chlorinated water.
Dropping jewellery may damage the materials.
Store all items separately especially when transporting.

Use a good quality impregnated silver cloth
Avoid pressure points when rubbing
Clean pearls with linseed oil
Special care should be taken with dyed pearls and gemstones as they can scratch, shatter, chip or loose their colour if mishandled.

Natural/dyed fibres will disintergrate and fade over time.
Do not stretch leather out of shape.
Do not wear in water and follow the same principles as list above.

Cotton Cords:
They too will disintergrate and fade over time and should be replaced as soon as you see fraying.
Customers are provided with at least one additional cord and by following Melinda's video instructions, you can replace and tie bracelets yourself.


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