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As the World Health Organisation now distinguishes fear as an epidemic silently corroding every facet of our lives, spiraling beyond measure into dysfunction, disconnection, morbidity and mortality, I found one simple thought can conquer this complex conundrum for good.


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5 years researching hundreds
of scientific publications, 
consolidated by my own
transformational biohack
to identify ONE WORD,
                    solved EVERYTHING
If you're asking yourself
how, you're already doing it!
Hi, I'm Melinda Mulcahy.
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The latest research from thought leaders and universities from around the world including Harvard and Berkley now illuminate the simple state of happiness produces multifaceted benefits that fuel success.  The results are so impressive, it's become a revolutionary movement.



  • Improves self-worth, confidence, assertiveness.

  • Eradicates negative self-castigation.

  • Develops positive emotional and behavioural responses.

  • Creates resilience to endure life’s lows and highs.

  • Bolsters physiological and neurophysiological health.

  • Reinforces social and professional successes.

  • Unlocks creativity to better recognise opportunities.

  • Increases longevity and most importantly a better quality of life.

  • Builds upon communication, trust and intimacy for more authentic relationships.

  • Increases productivity, offering financial advantages.

Unfortunately, however, it's not always easy to be happy especially when faced with a crisis, feeling down or in a state of confusion.

Whereas, Through my own experience, I found one simple thought/action works with rather than against evolutionary responses that keep you stuck.  One word hacks directly through negative mental processing to reset and rewire your brain.  This profoundly simple action has been greatly misunderstood throughout millennia. Yet, has the power to not only transcend obstacles but helps you to think more effectively, heal, grow, succeed, whilst cultivating authentic happiness. Pivoting you towards becoming unlimited.


Happiness Algorithm

ONE thought for an epic life

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'Melinda highlighted my power with impactful yet simple tools that nurtured me away from confusion & uncertainty.  In doing so pivoted my career direction, my self-esteem & health that has since benefited my whole family'


               ~ Angharad, London UK

Education and experience teaches a great many skills except the most imperative!

Thinking effectively better governs yourself to not only get you flowing through life, easier, healthier and happier but ultimately to excel.


Because the only difference between those thriving and barely surviving is how you choose to think. I help people think smarter, feel awesome and become unlimited... With one word.

With low self-esteem, self-doubt, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt or frustration, self-image, low immunity, disease, unfulfillment, health problems,

unhappiness, negativity, lethargy, emotional or behavioural dysfunction, achievement, difficulty in relationships,

mind chatter, poor attention, difficult cognitive processing, learning difficulties, abuse, victimization, addiction,

weight issues...

If you are


I can help

I promise, you will never think the same again!