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I believe there comes a point when one questions life and who you really are.


Personal experience of suffering years in the stranglehold of subconscious fears that sabotaged every thought, emotion and behaviour resulted in significant deterioration of mental and physical health.  After recognising this downward spiral, I questioned my own life.  I chose to take responsibility and actively investigate change.


In my quest, I found most self-help books fall considerably short in providing factual explanations, thus prompted my own research. I discovered the most astonishing facts tucked away in the academic world, and so ventured down the rabbit hole!

I do not have a scientific background, but there are advantages to an unbiased opinion.  Compelled towards evidence-based research and armed with an insatiable desire to improve my life, I studied and collated a vast amount of validated publications from world-leading authorities and universities branching interdisciplinary fields of science and philosophy.

Realising the importance of this information and driven by the promise to give my own children the best start in life, I documented my own findings and experiences throughout my transformational journey.  


My personal history uniquely positions me to relate with common threads now plaguing humanity.  I am proof you can take control and live unencumbered.  This one source condenses the most relevant up-to-date information and these motives form and validates this efficient and effective step-by-step program; my theory of everything.  It will change your life and launch you towards lasting wellness, success, fulfillment and freedom.

No matter what your circumstances, age, social background or ethnicity, I wholeheartedly believe every person is entitled to the unlimited potential that happiness offers...

You deserve to know the real  secrets to life!