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Do affirmations

really work?

What are affirmations?


Affirmations are statements of belief that you are something.  Self-talk can be either supportive or destructive.  Conscious or unconscious.  For whichever reason, from wellbeing, relationships to wealth.  Furthermore, they often become self-fulling prophecies, which means you can use affirmations to cultivate more of what you want.


A high proportion of successful entrepreneurs attribute their achievements to them.  And almost every motivational guru attests that affirmations encourage positive changes.  Upon turning to neuroscience and positive psychology, understanding the brain helped me to realise my true power in just how influential self-talk can be.


Simply affirming to yourself exactly what you want, reprograms your mind that has amazing benefits including:

  1. Receptivity to change.

  2. Cultivates positivity.

  3. Reduces negative thoughts that cause stress and anxiety.

  4. Allows you to recognise more opportunities.

  5. Develops emotional and behavioral responses to be more beneficial.

  6. Creates better resilience to cope with difficulties.

  7. Unlocks creativity and effective thought processing.

  8. Bolsters neurological health.

  9. Improves favourable outcomes.

  10. Keeps you feeling empowered and in control.

  11. Improves your immunity and health outcomes.

You see the brain is quite a remarkable tool.  It is as simple as it is remarkable.  If you give it a task, it will try it's best to achieve it.  The trouble is, life is so full of distractions these days, focusing is virtually impossible.  In addition, relentless internal self-talk will also sabotage your outcomes.  And because your brain can not distinguish which messages are correct, no matter how positive your intentions, your niggling internal voice of fear will undermine you every single time.  You are locked into responses from the oldest part of your brain in a feedback loop of associations.

Your internal voice is based upon all of your experiences since birth right up until the present moment.  This inner voice also plays a major role in determining your reality which means that what you think is real may be biased due to your upbringing, associations and so forth.  For instance, the primary fear 'I'm not good enough' can manifest as weight problems, depression, disease and more.  Negative associations say, regarding dieting may conjure thoughts of lack, starvation, monotony thus making it virtually impossible to lose weight.  Oh, it's a terribly complex puzzle, but it's not unsolvable.


Because your brain is quite a simple creature in that it accepts whatever you command it, all you need do is be absolutely concise to procure more favourable outcomes.  Nor does it understand negative or positive.  Here's an example.  If you tell your brain not to spill red wine on your white dress, the brain just hears 'spill wine'.


Also, outcomes are tainted by FEAR so that it will perform less than ideal if you are in defence mode.  On a molecular level, you are a roiling chemical factory that is constantly influenced by your thoughts and feelings that determine the way you react to situations rather than the situation itself.  So it's important to utilise supportive brain chemicals that will not only keep you healthy but also produce positive results. 

The 13th Century Italian Monk, Francis of Assisi said it best;


'It's in forgetting oneself that one finds.'


Ever heard influencers say, once you 'get out of your own way' you will achieve what you want?  This is because sometimes knowing what you think you need/want, doesn't allow room for the unforeseen.  You can never really know all the possibilities that are available to you.  Always remember your neural shortcuts, also known as Heuristics, are biased and discount what is unfamiliar.  This is why reprogramming your internal voice is fundamental in allowing your brain's filtering system to identify more opportunities, not just what you are aware of.

There is a big difference between possibility and probability.  Because far beyond 'familiar' dwells your wildest dreams and it's so important you stay open to these possibilities rather than just probabilities.  Perhaps divine intervention has a plan far greater than yours.  D​elving further than your biochemistry, Professor Kater Murch at Washington University suggests that by knowing the future outcome of a particle, its state in the past is altered!   At a subatomic level you have the capacity to influence your future.  By positioning yourself into what quantum physics calls Superposition (a video will follow shortly) you are advantaged to many more possibilities that you would likely never have considered. 

For more information on how Affirmations really work and a scientific break down of 12 essential elements that supercharge intentional internal programming to make you a magnetic manifestor, please check out my video below.  Learn how to re-word your affirmations, with my Do's and Don'ts list.  And take inspiration from my own supercharged affirmations, here.

And always remember, the most influential words you will ever hear are the words you tell yourself. So choose wisely.

In this knowledge, I honour you most of all. Melinda


How to supercharge your life

AND rewire your brain

12 essential

elements to



1. BE CLEAR about your goals and what you want.

2. ATTACH EMOTION to your goal ~ Imagine how you will feel when you reach that goal and immerse yourself in that feeling using visualisation, otherwise known as mental rehearsal.  Remember emotions are your most innate power, based on the Limbic system that is the most dominate force in your body.

3. IGNORE TIME ~ Your brain doesn't process time, so you can trick your brain to believe you've already achieved your goal, reassures that the task is achievable.


4. BELIEVE WITH CERTAINTY ~ helps the brain recognise exactly what it's searching for.


5. STOP SELF-DOUBT like manic manifesting which is another sign you don't believe ~  Just allowing relaxes the brain to make it happen.

6. USE JOY & HAPPINESS to fuel your success ~ they are the most powerful emotions and they also help quash negativity.  You are just cultivating more of the energy you wish to receive.  Similar to inducing coherence which is when the crest of energy waves coalesce at their highest peak to amplify power.  Like = like.  So give yourself permission and time to do things that bring more joy into your life.  And remember, the response most taken becomes your default mode so make it a positive one.

7. BE KIND TO YOURSELF without judgment ~ allows you to proceed towards your dreams without hindrance that propagates a feeling of security...

8. PROPAGATE SECURITY ~ Gives your brain the support it needs to expand it's lens and spot opportunities.

9. GRATITUDE ~ Slices through time whilst releasing empowering brain chemicals that all help in seeking it's target.  It's also an easy way to rewire your brain to seek more positivity, so is by far the best way to set your day up.

10. EMPLOY POWERFUL WORDS ~ stimulates powerful emotions and therefore a more powerful result.  Swap negative or self-doubting words with the most powerful and intentional.  For instance, words like wish, hope, want, try, believe etc allows provision in case it doesn't work, self doubt.  When you clean your teeth, you don't say to yourself 'I'll try to clean my teeth.'  You know you will!  Therefore make your affirmations reflect certainty.

11. BE OF SERVICE  ~ Inspiring or a contributing mindset helps you believe you are benefiting others which annihilates self-doubt and employs positive hormones to power you onwards.   Manifesting is about elevating your spirit.  It's about becoming.

12. EMPLOY A HIGHER POWER ~ Inducing a third party helps reduce FEAR from the brain bypassing the responsibility elsewhere.  Call upon the Universe, God, your guardian Angels, whatever you feel comfortable with helps you believe the burden isn't entirely yours.  This simple belief helps you feel more supported and safe to move closer to your target.

Affirmation Do's & Don'ts

To prime and recondition your mind for optimal responses and growth in becoming a powerful magnet for unlimited manifesting, intentional words amplifies successes.  Here are some examples:




I always align myself with successful people. If they can do it, this is a sure sign I can too.

I am the driving force of success.

Everyone supports me.  I am a beacon of inspiration for love and light that I am spreading throughout the world.

My skills support my highest purpose and dreams.

I derive such joy and happiness from everything I do.

I only see challenge as opportunities for learning that expand me.

I love eating foods that support, nourish and empower me and it shows.  I fit into my size __ clothes with ease.  I look amazing and feel incredible.

Everyone treats me with such respect and they love to support me.  I am so deserving of love and respect.

I thank my body for telling me how I feel.  I honour my feelings and I always realign to my natural balanced statement with love so that I find miracles in everything.

I know I am the best person I can be and I feel invincible.

My strength feels far greater than struggle.

I am living my best life now and creating my dreams. My knowledge is always expanding.

I am love and feel so beautifully blessed with love.

My body feels so healthy and strong that I am able to achieve anything with ease.

I am open and grateful to receive all that the universe has to offer.  I identify miracles in everything, in every moment.

I feel an overabundance of unconditional love and generosity constantly flowing through me.

I am so very grateful for my friendships.  I love all that they are.  My friends always bring me the greatest pleasure and love.

I feel so lucky and bless with good fortune.  Miracles surround me and are reflected in everything I do.



The success of others will not make me jealous..

Success will be my driving force...

Other people will not take advantage of me...

I have confidence in my skills...


Happiness is within my grasp...

I am not afraid of failure or to be wrong...

I will lose weight...

I am wanted...

I will not be defeated...

I want to become better...

I am strong...

I can do this...

I want love...

I am healthy...

I accept change...


I deserve love...

I hope my friends don't disappoint me....


I want more in my life.

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