exponential transformation

Are you aware of the disparity between health diagnosis, treatment and scientific advancement, whereupon all disease, mental health issues, allergies and immunity are spiralling negatively and disproportionately to 10 years ago?


Consider cancer for example. Whilst organisations boast increased cancer survival rates, did you know the potential risk for developing some kind of cancer in a lifetime has jumped to 50%?


Society has become completely complacent in accountability for our health, choosing over indulgence, unnatural substances and inactivity and when illness manifests we rely on a magic pill to reverse the effects.  Unfortunately pills usually fail to return you back to full health; often mask problems and likely cause other adverse effects?


Dependence on prescriptive drugs is increasing yearly along with drug resilience.  Yet, did you know that adverse reaction to prescription drugs (known as iatrogenic death) is the third leading cause of death in America, surpassing Stroke and over five times more than all illegal drugs combined annually?

Everyone has the potential for fulfilment, love and freedom without fear or restraint.

This vicious cycle is further exploited by the medical industry’s inherent bias towards health “management” fostered purely for financial gain, instead of focusing on finding the root cause and considering the whole person for the purpose of returning someone back to full health.  Based on statistical analysis emerges a pattern exposing the truth that we seem to be on the wrong path.

So let’s get back to basics.  There are many contributing factors in positive holistic wellness intrinsically linked with happiness, none more impactful than your energy as the basis in determining how good you feel reliant on positive health. Prevention significantly outweighs treatment therefore understanding what empowers you and what causes adverse effects enhances and prolongs wellness and shifts you into positive growth.

Establish your baseline

Have you ever taken the time to observe what makes you feel energised compared to what makes you feel like a lead balloon, as is common with food intolerance for instance?   Do you avoid pollutants including what you put on and in your body?  Are you aware of the effects of E-smog or Geopathic stress (underground vibration and water)?  Do you test your acid/alkaline levels regularly?

Any negative response to environmental stimuli depletes your immune system and increases susceptibility to disease.  On the flip side, engaging in healthy daily habits dramatically increases energy levels and makes you feel great, but it need not require sweating in a gym or consuming wheatgrass.  According to the Heart Math Institute, the emotion of love can positively influence your DNA by approx 25% in only 2 minutes.

Let’s face it, a healthy lifestyle is far more sustainable when it's easy.  Consciously analysing what makes you feel good compared to what makes you feel lethargic, ill, depressed, equips you with contrasting energy states to motivate sustainable change.

Nutrition + movement + conscious thoughts = exponential growth

Regain control


Do you carry the genetic burden of your forbearers? New research in Epigenetics indicates environmental influences are the key to genetic expression.


Whilst your DNA may hold a blueprint of hereditary diseases, this doesn’t necessarily mean disease will develop. In fact, over 90% of genetic expression responds to external or internal stimuli that manifests into health outcomes.  This includes stress and is one of the main reasons why all health issues are spiralling out of control. But you CAN take steps that just may erase the family curse for you and future generations.

The Placebo effect - the power of suggestion or belief.


Did you know the Placebo is effective on average 30% of the time but that it can actually range between 10-100%?  Yet the scientific community choose to ignore it.  Perhaps chemistry is tangible whereas energy has proven far more elusive, until now.

Be your own placebo!  Explore simple changes you can make right now to radically improve your life without costing a penny.


For instance, you can cut the risk of stroke and heart disease by up to 40% and the risk for dementia and Alzheimer's disease by 50% simply by walking 30 minutes a day. Take up life drawing and improve brain processing and ward off brain ageing.​

What's all the fuss

about meditation?


Empirical studies prove the amazing benefits of a daily session of silence includes:

Greater intelligence



Learning ability

Emotional stability

Ethical and moral reasoning


Reduced anxiety

Take control back


This enlightening 12 week total overhaul takes a completely different approach to wellbeing by viewing you as an interdependent energetic eco-system, similar to the environment; mistreat one area affects the whole.  This all encompassing program will strip you back to basics to:

Unify mind, body, spirit

Reboot and increase your energy

Enhance cognitive functioning

Radically transform conscious awareness

Eliminate psychological enslavement

Ease tension and stress

Facilitate lasting happiness

Restore equilibrium

Rebuild confidence and self-appreciation

Improve health and reduce risks

Increase emotional resilience

Regulate behavioural reactions

Enhance positive genetic expression

Improve relationships

Place you in the ultimate position of power - Superposition  


Sustainable positive changes also enables easy access into the slipstream of unlimited potentiality (commonly known as the law of attraction) so that you start flowing with life rather than swimming against the current.

Your journey is built on a solid foundation of empirical evidence to help you understand how you really work from a quantum (sub-atomic) level.  Plus specific tasks, instructions and techniques designed to efficiently increase self-love and connect with your authentic self and the universe whilst increased energy accelerates momentum to achieve success and freedom, allowing you to flourish. 




Personal challenges compelled the author's own self-exploration and pursuit for wellness, however, validated information fell considerably short, prompting her own research.  Such experience uniquely positions her to relate with common threads that are now plaguing humanity whilst self-experimentation makes this program so effective.

This adventure entailed 5 years studying extensive scientific evidence from the world's leading authorities and universities branching many disciplines to collate a vast amount of material presented collectively.  Her transformational experience inspired this efficient, all encompassing self-development program based on a back to basics philosophy to increase positive energy and self-kindness.  Implemented together will profoundly change your view on life.


Prepare for exponential growth.  This guide will unlock your innate power.  Everything you need is within you!