10 easy & free steps for immediate transformation


It may seem like a cliché but simple focused breathing delivers powerful health benefits; is an effective stress intervention that can counter the fight or flight response and; can help reduce anxiety, depression and other negative mental processing.

Shallow breathing has been linked with depression and chronic respiratory problems but research now identifies what yogis have known all along: Breath-work benefits both mind and body.


Despite the inherent automatic nature of breathing, most people need to improve upon this basic physiological function.


Another basic yet extremely effective way to boost happiness, reduce stress and improve overall health factors is walking.  The sedentary epidemic is the 4th largest cause of preventable death, we simply aren't moving enough.

Dr. Thomas Frieden Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention touts walking as “the closest thing we have to a wonder drug”.  A modest 20 minutes a day can slice your risk of heart disease by 30%, reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer, stroke by 20-40%, Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by 50%, can reduce risk of obesity by 5%, helps Arthritis and Osteoporosis. 

Natural foods

Research has found the vegan diet to be the healthiest of all, reducing the risk of cancer, stroke and heart attack.  Animal proteins promote growth but as you get older it also speeds up ageing.  Whereas the more vegetable protein, the slower you age.


You don't have to give up what you love entirely, a reduction still yields positive effects in keeping your mind and body healthy. 


Try to include more organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish and whole foods like wholemeal, grains, oats, brown rice and pasta whilst reducing intake of meat, sugars, fats, diary and alcohol.


The thoughts you think everyday determine your life outcomes, so choose wisely.  Just like weeds grow in a garden, negative thoughts are ever present in your thought processes and need weeding out.  Mindfulness helps focus the mind, conscious awareness reaches beyond mindfulness and allows you to question your thoughts to radically improve your reality.


Every time you catch yourself thinking negatively simply change it to a positive one; conscious awareness physically rewires your brain to seek more of what you do want thus helps dispel false beliefs that don't support you and can cloud your judgement.


A daily session of silence is the ultimate life hack!


Studies are rolling out literally every week to illustrate measurable benefits with widespread neurological changes that can even enlarge the prefrontal cortex – the part of the brain responsible for feeling happiness and executive functioning. 


Regular mediation can permanently rewire the brain to raise levels of happiness, improve emotion regulation, reduce pain, better preservation of grey matter (anti-aging) and even improve immune function leading to overall well-being.

Reduce distractions

Modern technology is making humans more unhappy and less attentive as we strive to be alert 24/7.  Such engagement tears you away from here and now and your point of power.

Stress has soared since the year 2000 and work-life balance has became unbalanced with zero perceived down time.  The result: people are far less engaged than ever before, less productive, less retentive, more stressed and this dangerous cycle increases potential negative health consequences.

Reduce your distractions by learning to communicate on your own terms rather than being at the beck and call of everyone else.

Choose joy

Dedicate yourself to whatever makes you feel happy.  No longer is the idea of a hobby, sport or play a waist of time.  Quite the opposite: the more happiness you bring into your life, the more effective and efficient your whole life becomes.

Doing more of what you love everyday, actually rewires your brain to seek more positivity, builds a more positive lens through which you perceive reality increasing chances of success whilst releasing growth hormones that keep your immune system balanced.

Happiness = health + success + freedom!

Reduce pollutants

Just as surely as staying out of the sun slashes the risk of skin cancer, various pollutants significantly influences your health. 

Be aware of nasty chemicals found in so many products these days, in the food you eat, in your home and beauty products. Read labels and choose wisely, making sure it's natural.  Be conscious of the air you breath and reduce chemical fragrance products.

Esmog produced by all electric and magnetic devices excite the particles in your cells and have been linked with cancer, effects your sleep, biorhythms and also your brain.


Self kindness

We have all been negatively programmed to believe that self focus is selfish.  Feeling guilty for example places you in fight or flight, and this may be one of the reasons many struggle to loose weight.  Whereas self kindness improves self-esteem, helps keep you happy and healthy, can reduce negative mind chatter and significantly improves your behaviour and relationships.  

Self-kindness in all it's forms helps keep hormones and therefore immunity in balance.  So take time for yourself and know it's not just for yourself, but others benefit too!  Treat yourself, give yourself some alone time as well as with others.


Knowledge collection is one of the most important investments for your own mastery.  Educating yourself in wherever your interests take you, science, fiction, history, biographies etc, builds neuro associations that create a well-rounded and more fascinating personality type that builds self esteem and stretches social connections + improves cognitive functioning.  It's also free, if you swop with friends or sign up to your local library.

Reading exercises the mind in the same way movement strengthens the body so should be given the same priority.  Transform dead time into learning with a book or plug yourself into educational audios helps divert attention and reduce stress.

There are hundreds of simple free practices, techniques and tasks to completely transform your life and outcomes, these are just a few!  Adding all of these elements into your daily routine will radically improve your life, health and happiness.  It may seem overwhelming given your hectic schedule, but you will be surprised how much you can achieve, with little effort and inconvenience, yet yields amazing results.  Let's just consider how easy change can be:


  • Be aware of your thoughts and concentrate on breathing as you walk to work  (that's 3 in 1)

  • Reduce the meat on your plate and supplement with more vegetables.

  • Start your day with oats and fruit, change the milk in your coffee to almond milk or soya and always choose wholemeal instead of white.

  • Take 10mins out of your lunchtime to mediate.  Remember - it's not a waste of time!  Continued work makes you less productive whilst mediation actually makes you more.

  • Hide your smart device away and only look at messages 3 or 4 times a day.

  • Treat yourself to a little luxury and self-kindness by choosing essential oil organic handmade soap and affirm to yourself that you are worth it.

  • Remove all electronic devices from your bedroom.

  • Slowly but surely replace all your beauty products with natural.

  • Play an instrument, take up a hobby, allocate more time with your kids and/or friends.

  • Have that cake, enjoy and feel good about it, not guilty.

  • Get into the habit of turning off the TV 20 minutes earlier than normal and read in bed before you drift off to sleep.


Understanding how you work and why you choose to do things differently with intentional least resistance (ease and less inconvenience) will assist in sustaining the changes in lifestyle.

Of course, all this information is available if you choose to look, if you haven't already heard about it.  The problem is, the value has been lost.


It has taken the author over 3 years full time, studying hundreds of publications and books to connect the dots of the most significant current information from around the world, collate and then translate concepts into real life to produce a sequential program that provides everything you need to know in logical steps that are intuitive, easy to follow, retain and recall whenever you need...