Are you in control?

Most unhappiness stems from the belief you have no control over your life fuelling one of the biggest fears plaguing society today, spiralling many into anxiety, anger, depression, frustration, hate, panic and ill health.

In years gone by many relinquished control to faith; the practise of prayer offered comfort in belief; in asking for guidance the greater good would deliver, in whatever capacity God deemed appropriate.


Even if you are not religious you may still believe in fate; you relinquish control to a preordained grand plan.  Or destiny; in higher powers such as fortune or luck that may influence future events.


The greatest motive that will help dissolve your fears and the main aim of this program establishes just how much control, if any, you really have in shaping your future.  You will be amazed at the empirical findings.

how much control do you really have?

For most, the protracted divorce of science from religion proceeded in casting many adrift, steer-less in uncertainty.  Such loss of faith and guidance fuels our fears for control even more.

No matter where your faith lies, questioning life’s purpose usually becomes important at a certain point in time, such as the profound experience of having children, a near death experience, or suffering a mid-life crisis.  When life seems to spiral out of control, life’s purpose is often lost and you are left stranded and wondering if the struggle is worth it.


This program explains that you really don't need to struggle.  Nature is on your side.  You can take control.

Some of the greatest thinkers of the last century have developed many fundamental laws about energy that not only underpin most of science, but surprisingly and profoundly our understanding of what elevates us from mere physical existence and directs us towards freedom.

Quantum mechanics put to rest humanity’s most profound philosophical question about the nature of nature by establishing that the universe is indeed completely and utterly random.  Further, that the strange indeterminate behaviour of particles suggest that we can interfere with our universe by the simple act of observation, such that self-observation can influence reality.  All Quantum Mechanics references will be explained in detail in the program.


But can our influence progress beyond the simple act of observation?  Understanding how the brain and body operate confirms that you are built for survival above all else and that a positive state is more powerful.  All that is required is the power of belief, dependent on the lens through which you view your reality.

The positive energy of happiness is the glue that sustains all of these principles that places you in control or superposition by the simple way in which energy communicates; positive coherent energy is proven to be more concise and much more powerful than chaotic negative energy.  A laser, for instance is a perfect example of coherent energy.


What you perceive as the empty space between you, me and the stars is in fact an intricately interwoven web of energy which you interfere with every moment of the day.  The question lies in how effectively you can interfere with it.  Sending clear messages will tug at the network of strings and with a bit of ingenuity from Professor Gate’s error correcting code which (I believe) is universal intelligence will match similar frequency patterns and return your intensions.  If your requests are intentional and powerful, the better the return.  If your requests are unintentional because you are unaware of your power and producing chaotic messages, then your life will inevitably become more chaotic.