Your Energy

If you wish to understand the universe – think of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Ever wonder why some people exemplify positivity, health and success that radiates in every aspect of their life, whilst others always struggle and remain stuck no matter how hard they try?


At the most elementary level that makes up the universe, including you, is energy.  Whilst energy may often lack sensory information other than feeling, it pervades your whole existence, connecting your intentions with future outcomes.  No matter what you do, if your energy isn't flowing, you will never progress beyond where you are right now. ​

Energy subtly emits a vibration which creates frequency patterns or signatures in wave form that carry information, reflecting everything you think, feel and do.  The better your energy functions, the clearer the messages you are sending out to the universe that searches for matching information.  This is known as the Law of Attraction: like attracts like.


What level of vibrational energy are you functioning at?

Let’s just explore this basic concept of high and low energy levels in your life.  Take a moment to consider your current energy levels through outcomes of mental and physical health, general attitude in relationships and how you are dealing with life.



It's likely you are functioning on a high vibrational frequency if you are:


Mindful and self-aware

Living in the present

Empathetic and compassionate

Healthy, vibrant and strong

Eat healthily and more unprocessed foods

Are always grateful


Calm and in control of responses




Creative and inspirational


Confident in your own abilities

Emotionally balanced and resilient

Connected to life, love, others, the universe

Humorous and don’t take life too seriously

Not materialistic or indulgent

Not reliant on anything to feel happiness

In-tune and nurture their own needs, as well as others

Experiencing synchronicities (explained below)

Living clutter free

Able to forgive easily

Taking action towards a life’s calling

Able to see the opportunities that spontaneously appear

Okay to let others win

Open to new ideas, people and experiences

Attracted to calm and profound inspiration

Easy to connect with

Often counsellor, peacemaker or teacher in relationships


This list exemplifies a healthy person, well balanced both physically and mentally and who is confidently flowing with life.  How many attributes from the list did you manage to associate with?  If you struggled to tick more than 5 of these attributes, you’re not alone!  Sadly few exist in a high vibrational state. 

The energetic flow of your vibrational frequency is programmed by your thoughts and emotions and is then reflected in the sum of your life as shown in the above list.  You can not make lasting change without improving your vibration.

It’s likely you are functioning on a low vibrational frenquency if you are:


Are constantly fatigued and lethargic

Feel unfit and unhealthy

Suffer chronic illnesses

Struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety, OCD or depression

Focus on negativity or just find it hard to see the positive side

Struggle to feel gratitude

Eat a diet high in fatty, sugary or processed foods

Feel unfulfilled or frustrated

Feel “stuck” and don’t know what to do or what you want in life

Struggle with emotional regulation

Are emotionally distant or reactive

Feel despair and desperation

Victimised or abused

Find it almost impossible break old habits

Struggle to forgive yourself and others

Feel guilty all the time

Carry resentment and jealousy and connections with others constantly bring you pain.

Continually make poor choices

Blame, lash out, bully or abuse others

Continually complain, are overly judgemental, sceptical or argumentative

Over reactive and angry

Abuse substances

Self harm or self sabotage

Are needy or demanding of others

Are messy and struggle to maintain tidy personal spaces

Watch or listen to intense or violent media


Low energy output, conversely suggests you are fundamentally vibrating at a low frequency. When you don’t feel good, you are in a negative or low vibration meaning your energy field is unbalanced and not flowing as it should be, depleting your immune system which is the perfect environment for illness to take advantage.  It also scrambles the messages you are emitting into the universe and impedes your future outcomes.

Quantum field science now shows that the physical body is interdependent with the body’s vibrational energy fields and further that illness arises from distortions in the information held within the body’s energy fields.

Your vibrational energy doesn't just affect your health; it affects your desired goals and determines future successes.  Improving your vibrational energy not only makes you feel great, but also allows you to emit clearer messages of what you want, placing you in flow with life, rather than swimming against the current.   However, you can't improve one area and expect miracles.  It requires a total overhaul of your beliefs, feelings and behaviours.


So how can you improve your vibrational frequencies?

what is


Synchronicity ~ is a concept, first coined by analytical psychologist Carl Jung:

Meaningful coincidences with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Experiencing synchronicity is a sign you are intune with the universe.