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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is the best life hack of all!  A common practice by billionaires and world leaders.

Meditation opens your mind to discover your inner wisdom... true potential... strength … freedom … balance… and profound peace and bliss.  You will find the answers to questions, if you just relax.

If you are struggling to meditate, it's likely because you are trying to silence the mind.  Which is like asking your heart to stop beating.  Because many believe you meditate to become good at meditation when actually...


you meditate to become good at life!

It takes monks 20 hours per day, 7 days a week for over 10 years sitting in silence to perfect quietening the mind.  The good news is that you don't need to go to such extremes to gain the full benefits. Guided meditations are just as powerful at helping reduce mind chatter and stress whilst increasing self-love. To help gracefully navigate life whilst aligning your thoughts to manifest what you desire most.


Just short-term daily implementation can physically change your brain, improve health including unblocking sinuses and reduces sleep issues.  In fact, just 2-5 minutes a day over a 2 week period is proven to significantly improve cognitive functions such as concentration, heighten awareness, accuracy and memory. 

After 6 years of studying a variety of meditative practices including the Transcendental method together with prolonged self-observation, Melinda has designed her own powerful heart-centered meditation that will:

Help you connect with your authentic self, increase self-love and intuition

Align thoughts and improve effective cognition

Powerfully manifest your dreams

Boost energy

Heal old wounds

Personalised Meditation

Your divine intentional energy

translated throughout my 

meditation that I regularly have

out-of-body experiences. The most

powerful meditation I have ever

encountered. Thank you Melinda

                   ~Louise Byrne, Essex

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Be the best you can be & become a magnetic attractor....


Order your customized 30-minute heart-opening manifestation meditation, recorded entirely for you...

Why heart-focused meditation? Because the heart is several thousand times more powerful than the brain, making this meditation extremely powerful, targeted and effective.

  • Personalization increases your chances of creating a positive habit.

  • Is more believable over simple 'I am' statements.

  • Economic - saving both time and money.

  • Improves sleep, accuracy, memory.

  • Builds self-love and esteem.

  • Treats health issues.

  • Improves immunity.

  • Connects with your inner source.

  • Awakens intuition.

  • Increases your ability to manifest desires.

  • Helps discount negative self-talk.

  • Rewires the brain to seek better potentials.

Target up to 3 specific areas, recorded and strategically placed within this uniquely designed meditation.

Whether you want to attract your ex back, forgive someone, build wealth, move house with ease, become more confident, find your soul mate, complete a project, improve relationships - Whatever you desire, this self-love mediation aligns you with exactly what you seek.

Examples of personalisation:

'James utterly adores you and loves spending time with you. His eyes sparkle with obvious passionate adoration whenever he looks at you, making your heart swell with joy....'

'Your new house is exactly as you dreamed it would be and the move was so incredibly easy. You feel so grateful to watch the sun setting over the stunning sea view of...'

  1. Please make the one-off PayPal payment of £14.50

  2. Once payment is sent, immediately fill out the form (opposite) advising up to 3 areas you wish to concentrate on and send.

  3. Delivered in MP3 format

  4. Sent to your email which can be transferred onto any device.*

  5. Yours to keep and play whenever you like.

Up to 100 words/900 characters - Sometimes artistic license may be used. Melinda will email confirmation of wording and will await agreement before recording commences.

Due to volumes, may take up to 3 working days.

*Once your order is sent, recordings are not kept on file for any longer than a week. We can not be held liable if you accidentally delete your file.


One-off payment of £14.50

Your Personalisation

Please take time to fill out the information required.

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