How happy are you, really?


Most of us reside in constant emotional stress and in extreme polarity.  A bit like adopting a Zen façade of diet and exercise in juxtaposition with committing road rage in the safety bubble of your vehicle.


Amid life’s barrage of external stimuli we are all expected to function at light-speed often with no escape.  We may be connected by technology, but this new connectivity is having an adverse effect on humans and society as a whole.

Difficulty in processing stress is often compounded by global events that unfold daily which we have no control or influence over.  The result of stress is unlimited: succumb to addiction in avoidance of deeper feelings; live in chaos and confusion; conceal self-consciousness, unfulfillment or emptiness with materialism.  It's a vicious circle that can produce dire consequences.

fear stifles reality

It’s difficult to imagine modern life without toil and force. In striving for success or pleasure, lasting happiness and harmony has become ever more elusive.  Yet these virtues are imperative for overall wellbeing and freedom.


Like most, you have become a victim of your own thoughts manifested in stress and the ensuing fallout is your life.

Did you know that if you did nothing else other than change your thoughts to positive, you would profoundly improve your life and how you feel right now?  Freedom from stress really is as simple as changing your thought processes to more supportive ones.

Conscious Awareness + Positive Energy =

Health + Happiness + Success =


The truth is - life really doesn't have to be a struggle




What defines reality?


Ever feel like nothing goes your way?  Did you know there really is no such thing as luck?  So what determines what you perceive as luck?  Professor Richard Wiseman of University of Hereforshire, UK reveals mind-set creates

self-fulfilling prophesies via expectation alone.

For centuries science has been led by the concept of studying what's wrong with humans for the purpose of developing treatment and paid little attention to what's right.  Many in Neuroscience are branching away from this ideology altogether to determine what subconscious beliefs hold us back and to realise how powerful the brain really is when unencumbered by one of our oldest evolutionary response mechanisms - stress.


The new science of positive psychology reverses the concept that success fuels happiness and that the simple act of gratitude really is the easiest route to immediate happiness.  Epigenetics proves your fate need not be determined by genetics.  The autonomic system and limbic brain connects emotional and behavioural habits that are as difficult to break as a heroine addiction.  Furthermore, your vagus nerve that conveys gut instincts is intrinsically connected to the universe (determined in the Unified Field Theory).

​This program arms you with a plethora of validated evidence to radically shift how you view yourself and your reality, how you feel and behave, how you view others.  Self observation helps to shatter old beliefs and habits that currently hold you back in life, opening you up to a new, more nurturing reality from a genetic level.  Ultimately restoring balance and a deep and profound respect for oneself whilst creating more desirable future outcomes.​