What determines fate?


Ever wondered why some people always struggle whilst others sail smoothly through life?  Many believe life is just a cruel game of chance.  Up until now, you have experienced this game, complicit in believing you have no real control or influence, evident in the measure of your life.  But, what if you could influence your future.....

Humanity is now encountering a world of profound change; consequently fierce challenges emerge; political, social, economic, technological, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Where forces outside your control can seem overwhelming, disturbing your balance in the world.


Imagine, if you will, life’s possibilities presented like an infinite roulette wheel and you are the ball about to deliver a result. Unlike a roulette wheel which has only 36 possibilities, your roulette universe of life has unlimited possibilities. When fate is yet to be determined, you are in a position of power; placing you in a superposition for life.


However, roulette is random, whereas life (science now proves) is not. Reclaiming your power and creativity offers the advantage of superposition where infinite possibilities reside.


If you had the choice, what would you choose?  Can you even choose?  What, if anything, determines your potential possibilities?


This program will enlighten you to the truth about the fundamental laws of energy and your hidden powers that can influence your future, unlocking the slipstream to unlimited abundance in all areas of life.

positioning you for greatness



There is a moment before a choice is made.  A moment that determines future events.  A point of power where all possibilities exist.  Before the ball is released in roulette, before the deck is shuffled and dealt in a game of cards, before a coin is flipped and before dice are rattled and thrown.

Superposition is Christmas Eve.  It is the moment a child considers all the possible presents they might receive, which of course doesn't account for the other surprises Saint Nick has planned (universal intelligence).  When all potentials exist together at once like in a dream.  Reality can only be determined on Christmas morning upon checking in the Christmas stocking to know what is actually received. 

One of the fundamental principles of Quantum mechanics is the field where every possibility exists far beyond what you can even conceive (known as universal intelligence) and it defies space and time.  Infinite possibilities are equally distributed everywhere simultaneously within our invisible universe where an intricate network of energy fields interconnect everything, like a sea of pure and infinite potentiality.  Some call it the Unified Field, The Zero Point Field or The Matrix.


If every potential possibility exists, there is a moment or a point before reality is determined.  This position is termed Superposition.  It is the ultimate point of power.

Before getting into superposition, you must understand the laws of nature.  Is the universe (including you) dictated by fate or chance?  One of the greatest thinkers of all time, Einstein once said “God does not play dice” or does he?  Like many, Einstein struggled with the concept of what determines reality, yet this question was laid to rest nearly 50 years ago. 


Taking this question one step further, can you influence your reality to change outcomes?  Can you close the many possibilities of risk like disease whilst increasing more positive outcomes for success?  If this field of opportunity is completely random but can be influenced, the obvious question is HOW?

This program will shatter your understanding of the truth of nature and radically shift the illusion of your own reality into infinite conscious creation.

The Slipstream to abundance

Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity like reading, a work project or sport where you lost track of time and effortlessly sailed through your project to completion?


Professional athletes call it the "Sweet Spot”, the business world tends to use the word “Flow” but the technical term is “Super-fluidity” though I prefer The Slipstream.


In aerodynamics, the slipstream is the region of air or water in the wake of a moving object at speed, sheltering another object behind from head winds thus is a technique used to save energy.  It’s a common professional cycling tactic, it’s the reason why truckers sit dangerously close to one another’s tail traveling at speed on the motorway, it’s also used in car racing such as Formula 1 and can cut time off long-haul flights saving commercial airlines millions in fuel consumption.


Whatever you choose to call it, it exists and behaves like a fast flowing current that carries you along effortlessly in life, though it’s non-tangible like air or water.  Once you are on the universe's slipstream, life flows effortlessly towards what you want.  So how does it work?  And more importantly, how can you tap into it?