Melinda now offers a powerful life enhancing one day self improvement seminar based on the Forces of Happiness to introduce:


  • Superposition - Your point of power

  • Re-training your evolutionary brain

  • The power of the placebo - the power of expectation

  • Positive psychology - illuminates where to place your attention & positive reframing

  • Re-engineering your genetics

  • Quantum Energy Fields - decoding the Law of Attraction

  • Superfluidity - Start flowing with life

Also includes:

  • Improve your vibrational frequency

  • Reduce pollutants

  • The monkey mind

  • An introduction to mindfulness

  • Affirmation & incantation writing

  • Mind rehearsal

  • Demystifying ancient eastern practices

  • Dietary suggestions

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Recommended reading


Receive a FREE

12 week step by step

home program including daily tasks to accelerate your

transformational journey



Vale of Glamorgan

United Kingdom

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